Amaurobius similis (Blackwall, 1861)

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Description of Amaurobius similis (Lace webbed spider)

Physical Characteristics

Similar to the Window lace-weaver (A. fenestralis). The two species can only be distinguished by their genital characteristics. The portrayed specimens have been confirmed this way.

Female 9 to 12 mm.
Abdomen light brown to grey-brown with a yellowish brown fringed, wavy cardiac mark and light chevrons behind it. Sides with small yellowish brown spots as well. Abdomen can also be very light coloured with dark spots.
Carapace yellowish brown to reddish brown with faint dark radial stripes and sometimes a darker head region.
Legs and palps yellowish brown to reddish brown with dark annulations.

Male 6 to 8 mm.
Markings and colours almost identical to the female.


Mainly in holes and crevices in walls of buildings, also inside. Sometimes under stones and under tree bark.


Occurs in large parts of Europe.


Autumn, winter and spring.