Hogna graeca (Roewer, 1951)

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Description of Hogna radiata

Physical Characteristics

Resembles Hogna radiata, but always lacks the radial stripes on the carapace.

Female 12 to 25 mm.
Abdomen reddish brown with a dark cardiac mark and two (sometimes unclear) rows of white dots which are sometimes interconnected.
Carapace light brown with two black-brown longitudinal bands which run as far as over the eyes. Black-brown chelicerae.
Legs and palps yellow-brown with dark spots on the femora.

Male 9 to 18 mm.
Markings and colours almost identical to the female.


Warm, sparsely vegetated, stony or sandy areas.


Greece and Turkey.


The portrayed specimens have been found in June. No further information about the period is known.