Argiope lobata (Pallas, 1772)

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Description of Argiope lobata (Lobed Argiope)

Physical Characteristics

Female 16.5 to 25.5 mm.
remarkably broad and lobed. Colour on top silver, along the sides yellow to orange with dark cross stripes. Ventrally yellow with dark slanting stripes and a dark spot in the middle.
Carapace silver. Sternum yellow with dark brown spots.
Legs yellow with dark annulations. On the femora sometimes less clear.
Palps yellow with dark ends.

Male 5 to 7.5 mm.
Abdomen without lobes. Colour black with two orange-brown wavy length bands.
Carapace silver with two dark longitudinal bands.
Legs to light brown with unclear dark annulations.
Palps yellow to light brown with dark tarsi.


Dry, stony, very warm and sunny areas in bushes.


Occurs in southern and eastern Europe. In the right areas quite common.


Summer and autumn.