Miturgidae (Spiny-leg Spiders)

This now worldwide occuring family is present in Europe since 1997. In that year the genus Cheiracanthium moved from the Clubionidae to this family. Recently, this genus moved to another family and the genus Zora, also common in Europe, moved from the former family Zoridae to the Miturgidae. In Europe 12 species can be found.

Genus Zora

The spiders of the genus Zora are medium sized and active during the day. Until recently they were classified as a separate family (Zoridae), but now they belong to the Miturgidae family. They can be distinguished from other spiders by the two dark bands on the carapace and sturdy spines at the bottom of the tibiae and metatarsi of pair of legs I and II. The species are very similar in general appearance with a yellow base colour and brown markings. The spiders can be found in various areas on the ground, in plants and under stones. The female sticks her flat egg-sac on a stone or a leaf and guards it.