Eresus walckenaeri (Brullé, 1832)

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Description of Eresus walckenaeri

Physical Characteristics

Female to 40 mm.
Abdomen black. Sometimes with a yellow or red band along the front and sides. Immature females have a distinctive pattern of white spots and circles.
Carapace black.
Legs and palps black.

Male 6 to 11 mm.
Abdomen orange to red with four large and two small black spots.
Carapace with a black headregion and an orange to red rear.
Legs black with some white annulations on pair of legs I and II. Pair of legs III and IV with white longitudinal stripes.
Palps black with faint white annulations.


Hot, dry areas in grasslands, olive groves and under stones.


Occurs in the eastern Mediterranean area. Up to 1,200 m.


Female spring, summer and autumn. Male spring and early summer.