Attulus floricola (C. L. Koch, 1837)

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Description of Attulus floricola

Physical Characteristics

Strongly resembles Sitticus rupicola.
Female 5 to 6.5 mm.
Abdomen brown with three pairs of white spots and light hairs along the edges.
Carapace also brown with light spots.
Legs dark-light annulated.
Palps brown with long light hairs.

Male 4 to 6 mm
Abdomen much darker than the female, so the pairs of white spots are much more visible.
Carapace also much darker than the female and with a clear white median band, a clearly interrupted sideband white and clear white markings around the eyes.
Legs dark brown with white annulations.
Palps dark brown with white annulations and white tufts of hair.


Low vegetation along river banks, in marshes and wet meadows.


Common in the whole of Europe.


Almost all year.