Hahniidae (Comb-tailed spiders)

These small spiders have a body length of approximately 2 mm. They build a horizontal hammock web without a retreat just above the ground. They occur in the forest, near water or moss. They are often found in loose leaves, ground cover or on the leaves of shrubs and trees. They have 6 spinnerets in a horizontal row, the outermost of which have a fairly long last segment and protrude beyond the others. Approximately 347 species occur worldwide, of which 26 are in Europe.

Genus Cicurina

These small to medium sized spiders mainly occur in North America, where a number of species lives in caves. These cave spiders have a reduced number of eyes or no eyes at all. In Europe only three species occur. The species that do not live in caves are often found under stones in forest areas. They make a very delicate and fine web without a retreat. They are rarely seen during the day, unless they are disturbed.