Hygrolycosa rubrofasciata (Ohlert, 1865)

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Description of Hygrolycosa rubrofasciata (Drumming wolf spider)

Physical Characteristics

Female 5.5 to 6 mm.
Abdomen yellowish with dark brown markings on top and rows of white dots and a yellow cardiac mark.
Carapace yellowish with two black-brown longitudinal bands which extend from the eyes to the chelicerae, two rows of black-brown spots on the sides and a thin black-brown stripe along the edge.
Legs on top up to the femora yellowish with black-brown spots, downwards dark brown with black-brown spots.
Palps yellowish with black-brown spots.

Male 5 to 5.5 mm.
Markings of the abdomen and carapace almost identical to the female, but much darker. Legs on top up to the patellae black-brown, downwards yellow-brown.


Damp forests and meadows.


Common in the whole of Europe. Less common in the south.


Spring, summer and autumn.