Thyene phragmitigrada (Metzner, 1999)

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Description of Thyene phragmitigrada

Physical Characteristics

Female 6.5 to 9 mm.
Abdomen frontally olive green with a pattern of thin black lines, from the centre becoming orange without pattern. On top a backward-widening median band with a metallic shine and from the centre three slanting whitish cross stripes backwards. Ventral side olive green with three dotted thin black longitudinal stripes and scattered small black spots.
Carapace light brown with a faint pattern of white and black hairs and black spots. White hair around the large front eyes. Clypeus with long white hairs. Along the sides tufts of long black hair. Sternum light brown with a thin black outline.
Legs light brown with black claws. Pair of legs I enlarged.
Palps light brown with long white hairs.

Male 5 to 6.5 mm.
Abdomen frontally black, from the centre becoming dark orange-red. On top a white median band with a metallic sheen on the posterior half. Along the sides slanting white cross stripes.
Carapace black with two large white spots along the side, a white spot in the centre, a shiny gold area above the eyes and a thin white band along the edge.
Legs black with light tarsi and black claws. Pair of legs I strongly enlarged.
Palps black with scattered white hairs.


At the edge of wetlands and river banks in reeds and tall grass.




The portrayed specimen has been found in June. No further information about the period is known.