Pulchellodromus pulchellus (Lucas, 1846)

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Description of  Pulchellodromus pulchellus

Physical Characteristics

Female 3 to 5 mm.
Abdomen pale brown to brown with two dark spots laterally on the broadest part, a small dark cardiac mark and faint chevrons behind it.
Carapace with light grey to grey sides and a broad pale brown to brown median band. Along the edge a pale brown to brown band.
Legs and palps pale brown to brown with scattered black spots.

Male approximately 3 mm.
Abdomen black with two white spots at the back and a dark cardiac mark with a broad white outline.
Carapace black with a broad white median band and a thin white band along the edge.
Legs brown with dark grey mottled femora.
Palps brown, femora sometimes greyish.


Warm, dry areas and salty areas on the ground and in plants.


Occurs in the Mediterranean area.


Spring and summer.