Heliophanus auratus (C. L. Koch, 1835)

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Description of Heliophanus auratus

Physical Characteristics

Female 4 to 6 mm.
Abdomen golden brown with a strong metallic shine and a white band along the front and the side.
Carapace golden brown with a strong metallic shine and a thin white band along the underside.
Legs black on top and light brown downwards.
Palps bright yellow.

Male 3.5 tot 5 mm.
Markings and colours almost identical to the female. Colour sometimes slightly darker and more red. The white band at the front of the abdomen is a lot shorter.
The palps are black with a white stripe across the front.


Low vegetation in the vicinity of water. Also high in mountains.


Common in almost the whole of Europe.


Spring and summer.