Pellenes nigrociliatus (Simon, 1875)

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Description of Pellenes nigrociliatus

Physical Characteristics

Female 4.5 to 5 mm.
Abdomen black with a white band on the front, a short white median band on top slanting white stripes along the sides.
Carapace black with white spots behind the posterior eyes and two thin white bands around. Sometimes a vertical white stripe on top between the eyes. Chelicerae black with vertical white stripes.
Legs black with scattered white hairs. Pair of legs I slightly thickened and enlarged.
Palps pale yellow with long white hairs.

Male 3 to 4 mm.
Markings and colours almost identical to the female. Pair of legs I dark reddish brown and strongly enlarged and thickened. The white stripes on the chelicerae are clearer.


In hot, dry areas and sandy areas as well. Also on walls. The spider builds a silken retreat inside an empty snail shell or folded, hanging leaves.


Occurs in the southern half of Europe. Up to the north as far as Germany and Poland. In this area quite rare.


Spring and summer.