Agroeca brunnea (Blackwall, 1833)

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Description of Agroeca brunnea (Fairy-lamp spider)

Physical Characteristics

Female 6 to 10 mm.
Abdomen golden brown with a faint pattern of dark chevrons.
Carapace reddish brown with a slightly lighter median band and a slightly lighter band along the sides.
Legs and palps reddish brown, towards the end a little darker.

Male 5 to 7 mm.
Markings and colours almost identical to the female.


In forests, heaths and meadows under logs, bark, moss and foliage.


Common in the whole of Europe.


All year.


The spider builds in stems of plants a special egg sac which is lantern-shaped and also known as “fairy lamp”. The egg sac is often easier to find than the spider itself.