Aelurillus luctuosus (Lucas, 1846)

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Description of Aelurillus luctuosus

Physical Characteristics

Female 6 to 8 mm. Markings strongly variable.
Abdomen brown with a clear light brown, dark brown defined median band or just a double row of faint light spots.
Carapace dark brown with two clear light brown, longitudinal bands or only very faint markings. On top between the eyes gray-brown haired.
Legs brown with faint, dark annulations.
Palps light brown haired.

Male 5 to 6.5 mm. Markings variable.
Abdomen black-brown in the centre and a white longitudinal stripe along the sides.
Carapace black-brown with two white longitudinal bands. On top between the eyes grey or red haired. Anterior eyes sometimes surrounded with red.
Legs yellow-brown with faint, dark annulations.
Palps black brown on top and fluffy white haired at the ends.


Warm, rocky areas.


Occurs in the Mediterranean area, but not common.


The portrayed specimens have been found in June. No further information about the period is known.