Salticus scenicus (Clerck, 1757)

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Description of Salticus scenicus (Zebra spider or Zebra jumping spider)

Physical Characteristics

Female 5 to 7 mm. Markings somewhat variable.
Abdomen dark brown to black with three white cross bands, from which the two rear ones may be interrupted in the centre. Also a white spot in front of the spinnerets.
Carapace dark brown to black with white hairs around the anterior eyes, a white band along the underside and a white X behind the posterior eyes. This can sometimes be reduced to a few white spots.
Legs light-dark annulated, sometimes with white femora.
Palps white.

Male 5 to 6 mm.
Whole body darker than in females. The two rear white cross bands are stronger interrupted. Remarkably large chelicerae with folded fangs.


Particularly in and on houses, fences and walls. Also on rocks and stones and sporadically on trees.


Common in the whole of Europe. In Northern Europe, one of the most common species of this family.


Females almost all year. Males spring to summer.