Since a revision in 2014 the Phrurolithidae are considered a separate, new family. Among other things, the genera Liophrurillus and Phrurolithus have been moved from the Corinnidae to this new family. They are also very fast spiders with long, thin legs, which occur on the ground and in trees. A number of species are ant mimics and move as such. In Europe 12 species can be found.

Genus Liophrurillus

Unfortunately there is very little information available about Liophrurillus. This genus contains only one species worldwide.

Genus Phrurolithus

These are small, fast moving spiders that somewhat resemble ants. They hunt during the day and as they run around in the sun they remind of Micaria. However, they completely lack the metallic shine of these spiders. They have a pattern with white dots and stripes and the males have a scutum which covers the entire abdomen.