Mendoza canestrinii (Ninni, 1868)

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Description of Mendoza canestrinii

Physical Characteristics

Female 7 to 12 mm.
Abdomen dark brown with a clear gold shine, a thin white median band and whitish sides.
Carapace dark brown with scattered silver white hairs and two tufts of black hair next to the eyes.
Legs yellow-brown. Pair of legs I dark and clear thickened and enlarged.
Palps with long white hairs.

Male 6 to 8 mm.
Abdomen dark brown to black with a clear golden shine.
Carapace dark brown to black with a clear golden shine.
Legs and palps black with slightly lighter tarsi. Pair of legs I all black and clearly thickened and enlarged.


In warm areas along banks in reeds.


Quite common in the Mediterranean area.


All year.