Marpissa muscosa (Clerck, 1757)

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Description of Marpissa muscosa (Fencepost jumper)

Physical Characteristics

Female 8 to 11 mm.
Abdomen brownish with a pattern of light and dark triangular spots. Pattern is somewhat variable.
Carapace brownish with light spots. Around the anterior eyes a dark red band and below a light yellow band.
Legs light-dark annulated. Pair of legs I slightly thickened.
Palps light-dark annulated with long light hairs.

Male 6 to 8 mm.
Almost the same markings as the female, but without the dark band around the anterior eyes and the light yellow band below.Palps with strongly widened end limb.


Preferably on wood, such as tree trunks and fences. The silken retreat is often made under loose bark.


Common in the whole of Europe.


Spring and summer.