Corinnidae (Corinnid Sac Spiders)

The Corinnidae formerly belonged to the Clubionidae, but are now considered a separate family. The spiders are very fast and small to medium in size with long thin legs. They occur on leaves or bark of trees and hunt in the open and on tree trunks. A number of species are ant mimics and move as such. In Europe about 20 species can be found.

Genus Castianeira

The spiders of this genus are mimics of large ants and ant wasps. Like these insects they walk slowly, but can run away quickly when disturbed. Some species walk on six legs, with pair of legs I moving in the air like antennae. They do this in order not to get noticed by birds and other animals that prey on them or to hunt inconspicuously on ants themselves. They occur in foliage or on the ground. The males have a scutum that covers two-thirds of the abdomen.