Sibianor aurocinctus (Ohlert, 1865)

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Description of Sibianor aurocinctus

Physical Characteristics

Somewhat resembles Ballus chalybeius.

Female 3 to 4 mm.
Abdomen and carapace dark brown to black with a clear metallic shine, sometimes with golden hairs.
Legs dark brown to black, becoming lighter colored down to the bottom. On the front legs the dark colour runs a little further downwards than on the other legs. Femora and tibiae of first pair of legs strongly thickened. On the tibiae also a small dark hair plume present.
Palps dark brown to black with light hairs at the ends.

Male 3 to 3.5 mm.
Markings and colours almost identical to the female. The plume on the tibiae the front legs stronger present.


Lawns and areas with low vegetation, also on the ground and under stones.


Common in the whole of Europe.


Early spring to autumn.