Micrommata ligurina (C. L. Koch, 1845)

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Description of Micrommata ligurina (Green spider)

Physical Characteristics

Female 9 to 14 mm.
Abdomen bright green with a white outlined, dark green cardiac mark which sometimes runs all the way to the spinnerets and then gets lighter green to the rear.
Carapace bright green with a black spot in the centre.
Legs and palps bright green with brown green metatarsi and tarsi.

Male 6 to 9 mm.
Abdomen with a dark brown or grey median band and white hairs along the sides.
Carapace greenish brown with a dark brown median band which is sometimes reduced to a single spot on top.
Legs and palps greenish brown.


Various habitats in warm areas. From coastal areas to more inland up to an altitude of 1,400 m.


Occurs in the Mediterranean area.


Winter, spring and summer.