Filistatidae (Crevice Weavers)

The Crevice Weavers are characterized by a egg-shaped or narrow heart-shaped carapace. They are weavers of funnel or tube webs in e.g. cracks in walls and under stones. They are mostly found in the southern hemisphere. Some species occur in the Mediterranean area.

Genus Filistata

These fairly large spiders (7-14 mm) mainly occur in Southern Europe and Asia to North Africa and the Canary Islands. They make a funnel-shaped tubular retreat in walls and under stones, which has various extentions from the edge. This gives it a star-shaped appearance.

Genus Pritha

The spiders of this genus are quite small (2-4 mm). The authors observed that when disturbed, the spiders will not always turn away, but can move almost as fast backwards as forwards. In (Southern) Europe only two species occur. All other species can be found in Asia.