Aculepeira carbonaria (L. Koch, 1869)

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Description of Aculepeira carbonaria

Physical Characteristics

Strongly resembles Aculepeira ceropegia.

Female 9 tot 16 mm.
Abdomen has a rather pointed shape with the rear extending beyond the spinnerets. Colour light grey to dark grey with a dark fringed, whitish oak leaf-shaped figure. This fringing is broader than the one of Aculepeira ceropegia.
Carapace dark grey with white-grey hair.
Legs and palps clearly light-dark annulated.

Male 7 tot 8 mm.
Markings and colours almost identical to the female.


In mountains on screes and stony places. Up to 2,000 m.


Occurs in the Alps and southern European mountain ranges. Locally fairly common.