Eresus sandaliatus (Martini & Goeze, 1778)

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Description of Eresus sandaliatus (Ladybird spider)

Physical Characteristics

Female 8 to 20 mm.
Abdomen dark grey to black with scattered white hairs.
Carapace dark grey to black with scattered white hairs.
Legs and palps dark grey to black with thin white annulations.

Male 6 to 11 mm.
Abdomen orange to red with four large black spots on top and two small black spots behind them and a black area around the spinnerets.
Carapace black with scattered white hairs and sometimes posteriorly orange to red bands.
Legs and palps black with white annulations. Femora sometimes with red spots.


Sandy heathlands.


Occurs in central Europe, Sweden and some countries around the Mediterranean Sea, but rare.


All year. Males can be found above ground in spring, looking for a female.