Bassaniodes bufo (Dufour, 1820)

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Description of Bassaniodes bufo

Physical Characteristics

Female approximately 12 mm.
Abdomen grey-brown with a yellow to brown front with thin white stripes, yellow-brown to orange-brown chevrons and thin white horizontal stripes on top .
Carapace dark brown with small bumps and a light coloured field with two dark spots at the rear.
Legs dark brown with white spots on the femora and lighter underside. Pair of legs III and IV entirely covered with white stripes and spots.
Palps dark brown with spots.

Male approximately 5 mm.
Markings almost identical to as the female, but much darker and with more contrast.


Warm, dry, sparsely vegetated areas under stones.


Occurs in the Mediterranean area, but not very common.


Spring and summer.