Evarcha jucunda (Lucas, 1846)

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Description of Evarcha jucunda

Physical Characteristics

Female 5 to 7.5 mm. Markings are slightly variable.
Abdomen light brown to orange-brown with a white band across the top and often two white black-outlined spots at the rear.
Carapace light brown to orange-brown with a distinctive white semicircular band around the side and back. On top darker hairs and surrounding the anterior eyes yellow with dark stripes along the sides.
Legs light brown with light annulations on the underside of the femora.
Palps grey-brown to orange-brown.

Male 4.5 tot 6.5 mm. Markings are slightly variable.
Abdomen rusty brown with a white band on top and sometimes a faint pattern of white hairs.
Carapace blackish brown with the same striking white semicircular band as in the female. This band can sometimes be interrupted. Reddish color surrounding the eyes.
Legs black-brown with lighter annulations.
Palps black-brown with white hairs on femur and patella.


Trees and bushes, on the ground and on rocks in warm areas.


Common in the Mediterranean area. Introduced in Belgium and Germany.


Summer to early autumn.