Ebrechtella tricuspidata (Fabricius, 1775)

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Description of Ebrechtella tricuspidata

Physical Characteristics

Female 5 to 6 mm. Markings somewhat variable.
Abdomen pale green with a red or reddish brown, pear-shaped pattern. This pattern is not always clear.
Carapace almost uniformly green.
Legs and palps pale green to green.

Male 3 to 4 mm.
Abdomen green with a slightly darker cardiac mark and some dark spots at the rear.
Carapace brown to black-brown with a lighter coloured median band and small yellow spots around the eyes.
Legs greenish with dark spots. First two pairs of legs brown to black-brown with light annulations on the bottom.
Palps light brown.


In warm regions in flowers of plants and shrubs.


Occurs in almost the whole of Europe, but not very common.