Philodromus collinus (C. L. Koch, 1835)

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Description of Philodromus collinus

Physical Characteristics

Strongly resembles Philodromus aureolus and Philodromus cespitum. The markings of the female are clearer than in P. aureolus.

Female 5 to 6 mm.
Abdomen orange-brown with an irregular white median band and white spots along the sides.
Carapace dark brown with a white median band and a narrow white band around.
Legs orange-brown with a few black spines.
Palps orange-brown.

Male 4 to 5 mm.
Abdomen dark with a metallic green and purple shine.
Carapace like abdomen with an unclear, slightly lighter median band.
Legs orange-brown with black spines.
Palps orange-brown to dark brown.


On sunny places in trees, shrubs and plants.


Common in the whole of Europe.


Spring and summer.