Hypsosinga pygmaea (Sundevall, 1831)

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Description of Hypsosinga pygmaea

Physical Characteristics

Female 3.5 to 5 mm.
Abdomen dark reddish brown to black with creamy white to yellow longitudinal stripes which are very variable in size and shape.
Carapace black-brown.
Legs and palps yellow to orange.

Male 2.5 to 3.5 mm.
Abdomen dark brown to shiny black with hardly any pattern.
Carapace dark brown to black.
Legs yellow to orange. Lower half of femora I dark brown to black.
Palps yellow to orange. Tarsi dark brown to black.


Moist, sunny, often calcareous areas in low plants.


Occurs in the whole of Europe.


Spring, summer and early autumn.