Micrommata virescens (Clerck, 1757)

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Description of Micrommata virescens (Green huntsman spider)

Physical Characteristics

Female 12 to 17 mm.
Abdomen light green with a slightly lighter outlined dark green cardiac mark.
Carapace green with a thin light stripe along the edge.
Legs and palps green.

Male 7 to 10 mm.
Abdomen yellowish with a red median band and reddish sides.
Carapace yellowish green with darker green or brownish stripes in the middle and along the sides. Chelicerae sometimes with small reddish brown spots.
Legs yellowish green.
Palps yellowish green with reddish brown tarsi.

Young animals are more yellow-green, beige or brown in colour with reddish brown stripes on the abdomen and carapace and reddish-brown spots on the legs and palps.


In various warm regions in plants and shrubs.


Quite common in the whole Europe. Rarer in lower areas.


Spring and summer.