Icius subinermis (Simon, 1937)

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Description of Icius subinermis

Physical Characteristics

Strongly resembles Icius hamatus.

Female 5 to 7 mm.
Abdomen grey brown to light brown with a light median band surrounded by a black notched or interrupted band. Around also a light band.
Carapace light brown to grey brown with a few light orange hairs and white hair around the anterior eyes. Chelicerae dark reddish brown.
Legs light brown.
Palps with light hairs.

Male 5 to 7 mm.
Abdomen orange with a thin white median band and a white band around. In the orange area a variable black pattern, which often consists of several circular spots.
Carapace orange and white haired with a broad black band behind. Sometimes almost black on top. White band above the anterior eyes and a thin white band along the bottom edge. Chelicerae dark reddish brown.
Legs light brown. Pair of legs I slightly enlarged and thickened and dark reddish brown coloured.
Palps dark red at the base and towards the end with light hairs.


Mainly in moist areas and along riverbanks.


Quite common in the western Mediterranean area. Up to the north as far as Germany, however rare in this area.


All year.