Trochosa terricola (Thorell, 1856)

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Description of Trochosa terricola

Physical Characteristics

Female 7 to 14 mm.
Abdomen reddish brown with faint outlined cardiac mark with unclear chevrons and white dots behind it. Along the sides also brown and white spotted.
Carapace dark red brown with light sides and a light median band which is slightly broader at the front with dark spots along the side. Due to this it seems like this band has got two loops.
Legs and palps reddish brown with faint dark annulations.

Male 7 to 10 mm.
Markings almost identical to the female, but often with a darker base colour with lighter markings. Pair of legs I and II with dark brown tibiae and patellae.


Moderately moist meadows, open spaces in the forest and forest edges.


Common in the whole of Europe.


All year.