Heliophanus kochii (Simon, 1868)

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Description of Heliophanus kochii

Physical Characteristics

Female 4 to 5.5 mm.
Abdomen dark with a strong metallic shine and four white spots on top. Along the front and the side runs a white band. Striking is the darker, less iridescent, area between the spinnerets and the lower white dots.
Carapace dark with a strong metallic shine and a thin white band around the edge.
Legs black with white stripes and light brown ends.
Palps black with white hairs.

Male 3 to 4 mm.
Markings almost identical to the female, but slightly darker in colour.


Dry area on plants and flowers (e.g. rose bushes). Also on walls and the like.


Almost the whole of Europe. Rare up to the north.


Spring and summer.