Thanatus vulgaris (Simon, 1870)

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Description of Thanatus vulgaris

Physical Characteristics

Female 6 to 9 mm.
Abdomen light brown to orange-brown with a clear, dark brown cardiac mark, a downwards clearer and sharp ending median band and dark bands along the sides.
Carapace light brown with two dark bands on top.
Legs light brown with black spots.
Palps light brown.

Male 3.5 to 6 mm.
Abdomen light brown with a clear, dark brown cardiac mark and slightly darker sides.
Carapace dark brown with two thin, light brown bands on top and a light brown border along the sides. Between the upper eyes some light brown hairs.
Legs and palps brown with light brown hairs, especially on top.


In dry areas on the ground and vegetation.


Occurs in almost the whole of Europe.