Habrocestum graecum (Dalmas, 1920 )

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Description of Habrocestum graecum

Physical Characteristics

Female 6 to 7.5 mm.
Abdomen yellow-brown, often with four black spots at the rear half.
Carapace dark brown with scattered lighter hairs. Clypeus with longer light hairs. Chelicerae black.
Legs light-dark annulated.
Palps with thick yellow-brown hairs.

Male 4.5 to 5.5 mm.
Abdomen black with a broad white band around and a characteristic pattern of white spots in the centre. Sometimes with orange hairs.
Carapax at the front black to reddish with a characteristic drawing of white lines. Also white lines around the eyes. Clypeus and chelicerae black.
Legs whitish-orange brown annulated.
Palps with white, orange and yellow-brown hairs.


Warm, dry, stony and sandy areas on rocks and tree bark.




The portrayed specimens have been found in June. No further information about the period is known.