Pardosa cribrata (Simon, 1876)

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Description of Pardosa cribrata

Physical Characteristics

Female 7.5 to 8 mm.
Abdomen light grey with a dark outlined yellow cardiac mark and two rows of dark spots.
Carapace light grey with a dark outlined yellow median band.
Legs and palps yellow-grey with spots and annulations.

Male 7 to 7.5 mm.
Abdomen grey with a yellowish median band and cardiac mark. Sides light grey.
Carapace dark grey with a white-yellow median band and a thin white-yellow band along the side.
Legs yellow with grey femora.
Palps dark grey with white hairs on the patellae.


Moist areas, river banks and salty areas.


Occurs in the southern half of Europe. More common to the South.


Spring, summer and autumn.