Alopecosa aculeata (Clerck, 1757)

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Description of Alopecosa aculeata

Physical Characteristics

Female 8 to 11.5 mm.
Abdomen red-brown with a faint cardiac mark and two rows of white spots. Sometimes with white chevrons.
Carapace reddish brown to brown with a broad light brown median band and a thin light brown band along the edge.
Legs and palps orange-brown.

Male 7 to 9.5 mm.
Abdomen dark brown with a light brown median band which sometimes contains an unclear cardiac mark and light brown bands along the side.
Carapace black-brown with a white median band and a thin white band along the edge.
Legs brown with lighter tarsi and metatarsi. Leg Pair I and II darker.
Palps black-brown.


Humid forests in moss and undergrowth. In the mountains up to the treeline.


Occurs in almost the whole of Europe. Locally common.


Spring and summer.