Zoropsidae (False Wolf Spiders)

The Zoropsidae are the only cribellate spiders which do not build a web. They hunt their prey freely and look a bit like Wolf Spiders (Lycosidae) and Nursery Web Spiders (Pisauridae) because of their body-shape. In the Mediterranean, seven species occur. Since a few years, one species (Z. spinimana) occurs in several countries in Northwest Europe, including the Netherlands and Belgium.

Genus Zoropsis

The spiders of this genus are quite large and nocturnal. They hunt mainly large spiders and while doing so, they behave quite aggressively. During the day, they keep themselves hidden under the bark of a tree or under stones. In spring, the female makes her eggsac, covered with blueish cribellate wool and guards it until the spiderlings hatch.