About ArachnoPhoto

After years of photographing and determining of spiders, ArachnoPhoto was set up and finally launched on May 1 2013. The website aims at showing pictures of European spider species and providing information on the appearance and habits of these spiders. We want to show you as a visitor a glimpse into the lives of the many species and hope that this website will contribute in a positive way to the general opinion about spiders.

The website can be used for identification purposes or just to look around. Either way, it is designed in such a manner that the visitor can reach the different species-pages with large pictures in multiple ways and can find out more about the different families, genera and species along the way. On a regular basis there will be updates with new findings in the form of photos and information. Naturally we will keep you informed of these. Before it will actually appear on the website we will first announce a new species in the table “Spider–overview” by showing it in white font. Because there are many matters before a new species-page is finished, this will usually take some time.

Respect for nature is our priority. Therefore there are no pictures of dead spiders on the website. Of course, in the interest of scientific research studying dead spiders is a necessity, but we find it irresponsible to kill them just for this website. Therefore, when a spider can not be determined by us, we are dissapointed but leave it with that. This is apart from the fact that pictures of dead spiders are just not interesting for us.

If you have questions or comments please use our contact form. Additionally, you can follow our us on Facebook, Twitter and our RSS-feed, which we use to report additions to the website.


Marnix Bos and Mariëlle van Dam

Marnix Bos, photographer and co-creator of the European spider website ArachnoPhoto Mariëlle van Dam, text writer and co-creator of the European spider website Arachnophoto